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      Online Authentication

      Qualification Certificate Student Record

      Online authentication service is based on qualification certificate or ID information provided by students. Student record and qualification authentication can be provided in several different forms:

      Online Verification Report

      Higher Education Qualification Certificate Student Record

      Based on online verification, when students apply for online verification report of qualification and student record, they have one-year default valid period (can be extended) for the report, during which users could freely use the service. The report has multiple versions, in print, PDF, and email, and it is available in English, which makes it easy for overseas users. Additionally, the barcode in verification report can be pasted into resumes.

      Verification Report

      China Higher Education Qualification Certificate China Higher Education Student's Academic Transcript China National College Entrance Examination Scores China Secondary Education Qualification Certificate China Secondary Education Student's Academic Transcript China High School Academic Proficiency Test (Huikao) Results

      Verification report contains anti-counterfeiting. People could verify their qualification certificates which are awarded at any time (including certificates before 1991) and may not be in the database. In addition to qualification certificates, higher education student records, and student’s academic transcripts, high school qualifications, and Gaokao scores, and verification reports in both Chinese and English could all be given in verification, and 35 agencies are using the same platform,process and report.

      CHESICC is the only MOE-designated qualification verification institution

      The only designated website for qualification enquiry ( Jiaoxue [2004] No.25).
      Designated information publishing platform for college entrance examination and an online consultation week for consecutive 9 years.
      Designated website for online registration of national graduate school entrance examination and supplementary application platform.
      CHESICC is the only MOE-designated qualification verification institution (Jiaoxue [2007] No.5). [More]